Mentorship Cohort Program

Mentorship is considered a critical foundational component for successfully building a startup. B.incube Mentoring Cohort will help connect and engage experienced leaders with start-ups who would like to build or refine their skills in a structured, virtual cohort environment.

Participants will enjoy mentorship sessions and network with other participants from around the world. B.Incube happily connects you to invaluable startup mentors and industry experts through 9 weeks structured program.

About The Program

To work with and support Ideation/Prototype/MVP Stage Start-ups of PAN India.

All the selected Entrepreneurs will be taken through a 9 weeks, structured experiential program, offered and facilitated by B.incube.

An outcome-based program enabling the Entrepreneurs to take their validated ideas to early traction and investible ready pitch stage.

why do you apply?

Startups would be supported by curated structured content, frameworks, Expert Masterclasses, Mentors, and network support.

Access to knowledge resource

  • Get 1000+ e-journals
  • And Start-up related database

Assist in Business Models and Planning

  • Workshops, classroom sessions, One on one session
  • Access to sector-specific mentors
  • Review and support in the formulation of a business plan
  • Session On Entrepreneurship, innovation, and Product design prototyping.
  • Market readiness, MVP development, Pitch perfection, etc.

Technical support

Start-up Kit $5000 Value of server Space And $1500 for technical expertise such as Amazon Web Services, Hubspot, Activate credits, Education & software tools, Custom masterclasses, and Inbound tickets.

Professional business support

  • Information on various government grants & program
  • Masterclass, workshop on process-driven incubation, ecosystem visits
  • Support & guidance in program design and delivery
  • Access to the toolkit, workbook, case study & business model
  • Connect with tech development & other relevant agencies
  • Organizational legal support, financial support (CA), IPR Patenting, and registration support & advisory.

Shared Co-working Space for Physical Incubation

Wi-Fi Access, Meeting rooms, Presentation Room, Conference room, Breakout studio, Workshop area, etc.

Incubation Support

  • One-on-one session with the incubation team
  • Feedback for improving services
  • The value proposition to be a part of a government incubator

Month-01 Program

Session M1-01

Business Planning

Assess the feasibility of your startup idea and identify the potential challenges and opportunities

  • Need identification and feasibility assessment
  • Market research and Business Strategy
  • SWOT analysis for a product/service/brand
  • Sales and cost projections
  • Market availability, organizational, operational, and financial feasibility

Session M1-02

Legal Session / Company Reg.

Understand the legal compliances required for your business and their implementation

  • Eligibility criteria and startup registration
  • Legal compliances at an early stage
  • Incorporation-related compliance (company, partnership, LLP, etc.)
  • Documentation requirement

Session M1-03

Business Problem Solving

Develop a set process to deal with the problems and challenges you face as a startup

  • Clearly identify and define the problem
  • Iteratively question the cause of the problem
  • Prioritize potential solutions
  • Assign responsibility for implementation
  • Set a measure for the solution

Session M1-04

Marketing Strategy

 Identify the challenges and opportunities associated with multiple modes of outreach for your startup

  • Best practices to get success with SM, Email, Content marketing, etc.
  • Organic VS Inorganic outreach
  • SEO, SEM, ASO, etc.
  • Referral marketing

Month-02 Program

Session M2-01

Design Thinking / Product Dev.

Understand your users’ thoughts, feelings, and how they experience your product/services

  • 5-step approach: Empathize – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test
  • A customer-centric approach to innovation and product development
  • Adoption of design thinking in your startup

Session M2-02

Startup Management

 Key points to ensure sustainability and potential to scale to a significant enterprise creation

  • Sustainability and growth of startups
  • Team building and team management
  • Growth with financial planning for startups
  • Scaling up your startup

Session M2-03

Pitch Perfection

Realize what happens when you pitch. What you should and shouldn’t do, and how to avoid the common traps.

  • Research before you present
  • Storytelling for presentation
  • Bridge the gap between what your clients already know and what’s next
  • A sharp focused and effective pitch
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses in pitching

Session M2-04

Financial Literacy and Planning

To identify what and where to look for the right kind of funding

  • The right startup funding for you (bootstrap, angel investors, small business loans, series A, B, C, VC funding, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, etc.
  • Availability of government grants and funds for your startup


Assess and analyze the current business model;

  • Articulate a compelling Value Proposition.
  • Identify risky assumptions, gaps, and obstacles and iterate to a sustainable business model.
  • Test, refine, and validate your startup in an efficient manner.
  • Select the appropriate Go-to-Market Strategy.
  • Manage Growth and Target Scale.
  • Create Funding Plan and get ready to Pitch your Startup to Investors/Funding agencies.


  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about the different growth tools to grow your business, using modern-day technology.
  • Identify different aspects that can impact Your business.
  • Create financial plans, sales plans, funding plans, and GTM strategies for Your business.
  • Devise a growth plan, structure the Scaling and Customer acquisition Strategy
  • Create a pitch deck for your business and present it to different stakeholders including Investors.


  • A 9 weeks Journey.
  • Weekly 1.5 – 2 hours of Live Sessions
  • Work on the pitch deck and improve by doing mock pitches and getting traction


This program offers the participants an inclusive experience that covers different aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, to increase their chances of success. This experience includes:

  • One-on-one consultation with Program Manager
  • Digital content & Solution Kits
  • Live online workshops/key Interventions
  • Domain experts & Business mentors
  • Live Pitching Sessions
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